5 Steps to Start a Freelancing Career

Freelancer is, usually, a worker in the creative or IT sphere: designer, programmer, copywriter, journalist, blogger, writer, etc. How to become a freelancer and make money through the Internet? This article describes 5 steps to help you start making money on freelance work:

  1.  Choose the services that you will provide

Dozens of specialists are in demand on the Internet, for example, copywriters, designers, programmers, social media specialists, contextual advertising specialists, content managers, moderators, community administrators, teachers, tutors, and engineers. It is recommended choosing a freelance remote work that will be of interest to you. To become freelance work, you need to love your job.

Do not worry if you do not have experience or the necessary education. Many freelancers don’t have one. Learn simple ways to earn money, for example, basic photo retouching, services in Photoshop, performing simple tasks, copywriting, etc. This will allow you to start earning without experience and special education.

If you decide to start freelance work in a new field, we recommend choosing an applied profession. For example, programmers solve specific problems and the result of their work is immediately visible (a working program or site). The same applies to designers and layout designers, contextual advertising specialists, and SMM specialists.

  1. Determine prices and competitive advantages

Think about why customers should work with you? Beginners attract customers with low prices, but, usually, do not give any guarantees. We advise you to go to freelance work and see how much performers are paid for the services you offer to find freelance work. Evaluate your level and accordingly set the price for services based on it. Think about what your strengths are and focus on them when communicating with a client. For example, you are always punctual and do the work on time – this is a very big advantage because it’s hard to find a specialist who never breaks deadlines.

  1. Make a portfolio

The portfolio is a list of your works on which a potential client makes a decision on cooperation. Therefore, having a portfolio is a must! What if there is no work experience and nothing to show to customers? Either start freelance work for free on the condition that you add work for the client to the portfolio, or for a very low fee. As a rule, if the employee does not ask a lot, the first customers are fast to find. And then, as the portfolio and professionalism grow, you can increase fees.

  1. Look for the first orders. Where to find freelance work?

The first orders can be obtained on freelance work marketplaces. Register on suitable exchanges and leave your contacts there. Describe your services, advantages, strengths, unique features in as much detail as possible, fill out a profile with 10-15 projects at least. If possible, buy PRO accounts. They give more chances to get projects on exchanges, as freelancers with paid accounts are located higher in the directory of performers and enjoy great trust from employers.

  1. Make a career

Not everyone wants to write simple texts or create simple designs all their lives. Many people want to freelance work. In freelance, this is also possible. There are two development paths:

  • Grow professionally and become an extra-class specialist. To do this, you need to constantly learn new technologies, conduct experiments, create your own achievements in freelance work. For example, some copywriters create their own writing styles. Extra class freelancers are highly-paid.
  • Create your team and take more projects to work. Gradually open a studio and grow into a business. This one is suitable for freelancers who like to communicate with clients, manage, and build systems.

The First Year On Freelance

Usually, the first year in the freelance work is the most difficult. It is hard to work at home, not to go anywhere, independently determine the work schedule, and look for customers. Difficulties will arise but without panic, this is normal!

  • Focus on finding regular customers – these are the most valuable customers. They will provide you with a load and a steady flow of money. Do not be afraid to start with modest fees. If the customer sees that you are a good employee, it will be possible to discuss a rate increase for the types of freelance work.
  • Train your negotiation skills. There are many videos and books on the subject on the web. The ability to negotiate is a necessary skill for a freelancer.
  • Do not worry if some customers refuse to work with you. It is absolutely normal if out of 10-15 potential customers, only 1-2 reach the real order. Professional freelancers have the same performance.
  • Learn to plan your time and be sure to devote an hour or two to rest.

The first year is the most difficult in types of freelance work, but if you hold out and manage to find regular customers, you will find out how much more convenient and comfortable it is to work as a freelancer than in an office!

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